What is Chronic Pain?

Definition: Chronic pain lasts more than three months — It tends to linger for a long time. Chronic pain symptoms include not knowing exactly what prompted the pain to start. There may very well be no incident or obvious cause to the pain.

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Strategies to Deal with Chronic Pain

Strategies to Deal with Chronic Pain

Understand Your Pain Managing chronic pain can be a difficult journey for many people and understanding the differences between acute and chronic pain is the first step. Chronic pain is the type of pain that persists for months or even years, and its effects can be both mental and physical. It is important to understand…

Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain covers a wide range of issues originating in your muscles, bones, joints, or tendons. Since this is such a large area, we will cover a broad overview of the different kinds of Musculoskeletal Pain as well as links to additional information within our database. Let’s learn more about Musculoskeletal Pain and how to…