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Adeline Henriquez

General Manager

Adeline Henriquez is our General Manager and Finance Director; she is very proactive in the outcome of every aspect of our medical facilities. Following our main philosophy is her passion, placing our patients first “Trust and Compassion are our standard of care”.  She loves to spend time with our team, family and community. She has strong knowledge in finance, PR, and administration, which provide a great value to our organization, community and our patient population. Besides, been hard worker, she finds the time to spend with her 4 children: 11, 9, 7 and 5 using her creativity to balance family and work responsibilities.

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Clinical Manager

Rebecca has been an MA at Family Spine for over six months, and loves that it feels like a family. She enjoys tanning, riding horses and hanging out with friends. Rebecca hopes to one day own a farm. Her perfect vacation would be being alone on a beach.

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Brianna McMillen

Medical Scribe

Brianna has been working at Family Spine for over a year. As a Medical Scribe, she follows the Doctor around and writes down information about the patients’ office visits, procedure coding, documentation and more. She feels Family Spine is special because her coworkers are like family. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she loves to visit the Beach. Soon she intends to go to medical school to become a physician. Her favorite color is purple, and in her spare time likes to read thriller book series.

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Jorge Omar Henriquez

As we lovingly call him, Pops, has many years of experience in the medical field, marketing, and communications.  He is very energetic, humble, hardworking, and sincere. He came on board behind the scenes during the start of the practice, and officially began with Family Spine and Pain care in February of 2019. He loves spending time with his wife, sons, and grandkids.  His hobbies include softball, bicycling, and recently, tennis.

Jorge Omar Henriquez